Saturday, August 12, 2017 8:00PM

1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98101, WA, United States
Tickets: $20.00


If you look into the Soul of Portland, you will find Andy Stokes.  Andy Stokes spent his formative years moving between Danville, Virginia, where he was born, and Germany, where his father was frequently relocated while in the Army. 


A football scholarship brought him to the Great Northwest in 1975, where he has resided ever since. He described his family, now located in the Tacoma area, as “all-Army, jocks - all sports.” “There was some music in the household in the form of record albums: Temptations, Percy Sledge, Aretha Franklin, Sylistics and such. I'd just be in my room with my back leaning against the hi-fi, using the broomstick as a mic.” Though Andy claims that he never intentionally set out to perform music, he sort of “fell into it.” “Sure, I sang around the house. I especially enjoyed the sounds of James Brown and Stevie Wonder.” 

Having performed over the years with local Portland icons like Cool'R (his own band), Curtis Salgado, Linda Hornbuckle, and New Shooz. He has also performed nationally with Michael Bolton, George Clinton, Connie Stevens, Temptations, Stylistics and others on a broader scale. Additionally, he was voice for one of the famous California Raisin characters, developed at Will Vinton Studios. It was a CBS special in 1989, called “Meet the Raisins.” Now, how many artists can say they have been able to interpret the voice of a piece of fruit? In 2009 Andy Stokes was inducted into the "Oregon Music Hall of Fame" with the band Cool'R.


Andy's heart and soul are worn on his sleeve as he sings everything from soulful power ballads to upbeat funk tunes that make your whole body want to move. His voice and his emotion are certainly powerful and positive musical forces to be reckoned with and you will be singing the songs long after the lights of the stage have gone down.