Saturday, July 30, 2016 8:00PM

1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98101, WA, United States
Tickets: $17.00

SeaSells Entertainment Presents.  

Take a plate of Red Beans and Rice, add to it a side of mustard greens and Hot Buttered Corn Bread, Mac-N-Cheese, and Bar B-Q- Rib Tips, together with a cold sweaty glass of Sun Brewed Ice Tea and you can call it “MeeK” With his soul felt gospel influence and silky R&B lyrics, this Artist is about to make you remember why you love R&B so much. Does the term “Oooh Das’ my song” ring a bell? Dwayne D'Arbys' music brings your mind to a spiritual consciousness while phatening up your groove muscle with his hip-hop grooves and sultry love ballads. How do you sum it all up? Just count on endless listening pleasure. Born and raised in the California sunshine, this 1st born son of a preacher man is no dried up raisin! “I remember asking my mom to be completely honest and objective of my piano skills” she replied, “Baby that’s terrible”. “I laugh now, but it drove me to reach deeper and try harder”.” Always my biggest fan, mom’s would say, baby you can sing anything but that ‘ole nasty music”. She said,” Sing about life and love”!  Influenced by his Uncle, also an accomplished musician, the singing/composer/producer remembers him comically yet firmly chucking a size 13W at his head in the middle of choir rehearsals, challenging him to rise to his potential. “I thank God for it now because it made me more critical and aggressive about creating music that I try put my heart into.”  D’Arby influences range from R&B and Jazz to Gospel and Pop. Artistic influences include Stevie & Donny, Daryl Coley, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Clark Sisters, Luther, including some of today’s artist like Aaron Hall, Joe, and Dave Hollister and the list goes on. “Most important to me is that my music mirror’s and respects my creator, while bring joy and healing to the lives of my listeners…ok, ok I hope it makes you bounce too!”

Seattle singer/songwriter Danelle Hayes has been described as everything from Norah Jones to Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin to Alicia Keyes. It is difficult to avoid comparisons but Danelle Hayes is much more than an industry replica. Influenced by a wide range of music from soul, jazz, rock, and pop comes a style of writing that is honest, genuine, and emotional. Smart and edgy lyrics along with melodies delivered complimentary of a truly jagged, soulful and powerful voice; Danelle Hayes has the originality that will leave an impression on the ears of every music listener. Danelle first discovered her joy of singing in middle school and was encouraged to join the school choir. While in high school Danelle pursued other interests but returned to her love of music and joined her college concert choir. Being around music all day everyday took Danelle to the next level where she started becoming very competitive with other talented students. It was this competitiveness that landed Danelle as a feature on the 2010 American Idol auditions as a contestant advancing to the Hollywood round. Since her appearance on the show Danelle has been featured on the local Q13 news channel, continuous radio shows, and performing in various venues including the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The show has created a clarity that has inspired Danelle to write several new songs and discover a direction for her music. Danelle is currently in pre-production for her debut solo album. Danelle is quickly approaching the next step in her career, and is thrilled to grow as a writer and artist. With her passion for music and her desire for greatness Danelle will capture the attention of the music industry and the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Originally from New Orleans and based out of the Seattle area, Zhanea is the Youth Choir and Art Director at the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship.  She is known in some circles as the Songstress Supreme.  Zhanea June (Zha_Nay-ah June) formerly known as Zhane Juniea, (Zha-nay Juneee-ah) is an American singer-songwriter and inspired actress born in Seattle and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. June performed and won various singing and dancing competitions as a child captivating the hearts of those who heard her. In 2004 June put together her own girl group called Zealous where she was the lead vocalist. The group became well-known in the community creating a local bus for Zhanea June. Tragically in 2005 the group was dismantled due to Hurricane Katrina and June became a solo artist. She pressed forward and became the McDonalds Gospel Fest Youth winner in 2005 and at age 14 her first single under the name Zhane Juniea, titled “Baby Baby Baby” was released on ITunes. Zhanea June classifies herself as an artist not stuck in the box and will sing all types of music with a positive message to inspire all. This led her to become the 2010 Washington States Nashville of Country Star winner. Zhanea June studied at the prestigious Howard University and Musician’s Institute to further her education in singing, composing, dance and theatre; which has led her to perform for various venues such as the Paramount Theater, Benaroya Hall, Muckleshoot Casino, Iron Horse Casino, 88 Keys, Highway 99 Blues Club, Tacoma Convention Center, Moore Theater and the Issaquah Theatre as well as made radio appearances on the Gospel Show 89.5 and the Vanessa Waller TV Show. Zhanea June mesmerizes her audiences as she performs at various festivals in the Seattle and Portland area such as the Kent Splash, Festival Sundiata, and Good in the Hood Festival. June has such a Soulful and angelical voice that keeps you yearning for more. In 2015 and 2016,she released three singles titled “Press”, “Feen,” and “How,” which she wrote and co-arranged. Zhanea June is a force to be reckoned with, her motto is, “ God gave me the gift, I just hold the mic.”

It almost seems that Ivory Solomon has already had a career, he's shared the stage with Crystal Aiken, Mario Vasquez, Kirk Franklin, and a slew of others. He's even performed the National Anthem with a choir at a Sonic's game, standing up and singing in front of his hometown crowd. That's a lot of eyes watching someone so young, but he has plenty of experience with stretching his voice in public. 
His mother was a singer and his father an African drummer, and the music he was surrounded with at home was blended with the music of the church at a very young age. It's difficult for him to remember when exactly he started singing; probably around three years old. None of this was exceptional for his family, all of which are highly musical. It was part of a complete musical life for him, no more unusual than breathing. Once he entered high school, people commented that he was always singing. "My mother Linaye inspired me to sing, she always sang, and since I grew up in church I was pretty much always around singing." High school was a time of music, fun, and athletics. He ran track and field but eventually he thought about what he really wanted to focus his time and energy on. After realizing that not everybody in this world would - or could - sing, he began studying and learning to build his confidence. Other than listening and watching church singers, he branched out and began examining popular music to find his voice. Alliyah, Dru Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Beyonce, John Legend - all made the rotation on the stereo, and all contributed in one way or another to his self-made musical education.
He recorded his first song in 2006, and has set the bar for himself higher than anyone else could. Working towards a business management degree is going to help him to establish his dream idea: "I want to create an institution where youth aged 18 and under can get the training and development in music that I never had, so they can remain confident and realize the sky is not the limit. He has a phrase that he thinks of often, "A dream can be a gift to life and it can be deferred, choose the right path and your dream shall come to pass." The amount of work involved in the dream doesn't intimidate him even a little.

What do you get when you put talented, beautiful and versatile together?  Bilingual singer-songwriter Sarah Rim.  With a strong background of performing and singing of over 15+ years in both English and Khmer no one can stand in the way of this R&B Pop Songstress. That probably explains why she is most respected and loved by the Cambodian community for exposing her traditional roots and will be one of America's most anticipated artists of the year. Oh! Did we mention, she was in the Top 3 singers for 2014's Muckleshoot Idol, a local contest that garners attention from all music fans? Yes she was. Has she been featured in the media? Yes she has. She's been there, she's done that. This time it's a little different. She's making her way to the top and won't stop!  Born in Thailand, from Cambodia  and raised in White Center a small unincorporated town, Sarah has always aspired to become a performer on stage in front of all numbers of crowds. It was a dream. However, that soon began to change. "I was in 5th grade, and I was the lead singer." She was just 11 when she sang her first solo in front of a school  crowd for the first time with her choir. She rehearsed at home and through her teenage years, vocally trained herself by listening to one of her most influential vocalists like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey countless times to help carve the type of artist she wanted to be. Not only that, she learned to sing in Khmer/Cambodian with the help of her Mother, Grandma, and Uncle. She rehearsed tirelessly, and because of her uncle Sam's connections, hit the main stages of local multiple casinos to perform with her uncle as a one man band. Everyone saw nothing but potential the minute she sang her first line. Since then, she's been demanded to perform at weddings, celebrations, festivals, and concerts.  Writing was one of her hobbies. From stories to poems, letters to songs. Very quickly it became her passion at just 15 years old.