For all booking inquiries, please read the following. Thank you for your interest in Highway 99 Blues Club.

Spend some time on our site and researching our club. Be sure that what we do is a fit for your band, artist or production. We enjoy working with new artists on all levels. We are proud to have a history of developing local, regional and national artists at Highway 99 Blues Club, here in Seattle.

Please take note that we do not “lock out” bands, however, be conscious of your booking inquiry as it does not do either of us any good to saturate the market.

  • EPK/Press Packet/Band Bio: We prefer a standard press packet in progressing with all booking inquires. This can be submitted as an EPK through the email address below, mailed or dropped off at the club. Yes, we still like to shake a hand and listen to a CD down here at Highway 99 Blues Club. However, if a press kit is not up and running a comprehensive band bio would do as well. Please describe the band, artist or production. Give us the pertinent information. How long you have been together; EP’s, CD’s Live CD’s; Where you have played; Festivals, special events or any unique shows that you have done.
  • Market history: Do you have a historic fanbase in the market? If so, please list local/regional venues in which you have performed along with past box office history. If you are looking to build a new fanbase and have no history in the market, please state that clearly.
  • The Music: List any and/or all places to find your music. (i.e. Sound Cloud, Reverbnation, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc.)
  • Social Media: List all social media sites in which you currently have a presence. Provide a brief description of how active you remain on each site and how you utilize each site to promote individual shows, as well as, ongoing touring.
  • Marketing Promotions: Provide a brief description of how you promote both individual performances, as well as, ongoing tour, externally from social media.
  • Contact: Contact Steve, our founder/Talent Buyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations and changes to party size must be made 24 hours prior to show time.
  • To cancel, call us at 206-382-2171 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Failure to cancel or make changes in party size within 24 hours prior to show time will result in a charge to your credit card for the cover price times the number of people in your party that were a “no show”. This is to ensure that we have enough space for everyone to see the show.
  • Your card will not be charged if your party is present. Ticket payments are taken at the door the night of the show, unless you pre-purchase online via PayPal.

Reservation Policy

  • Same day reservations must be made by 3:30pm, at which time our reservations are closed for the evening. We occasionally have tables set aside for walk-up customers, and there is always bar seating and ledge stools available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you do not have a reservation, we recommend arriving early as these tables and seats can go quickly.
  • All reservations must be confirmed with a credit card. If you do not buy tickets online in advance, we do not charge your credit card in advance. We retain the number to hold the reservation, and will only charge the card the ticket price times the number of people in your party in the event of a “no show” or cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to show time.
  • All seating requests are taken into consideration and we'll do our best to accommodate your party. However, we cannot guarantee specific tables or seating times. Thank you for your understanding.